Comic by Stickergetah



Anonymous said...

sah takleh buat bini~hahaha

Diyana Munira said...

It's safe to say that not all girls are like this. Her comments are really douchey but she can't be blamed 100%. We girls are ACTUALLY being taught to be like that which sucks lah.

Ingat lagi masa Form 3, cikgu KH siap cakap (not really 100% but somewhere along that line), "Perempuan, nak cari laki nanti jangan tanya 'betul ke you love me?' Tanya dia ada kereta ke tak, ada rumah ke tak and ada duit ke tak. Bila tiga2 tu dah ada, baru tanya love2 tu."

Guess what? That cikgu KH is a dude. #truestory

Okay lah. I know his advice is actually geared towards marriage but it somehow sets something in a girl's mind. Just my 2 cents.

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